Just finished the Mercurial 2.3 developer sprint on behalf of the company I work for, Edlund A/S. It was really nice to meet a lot of the familiar faces and the new ones from Facebook and Wolfram Research. It is especially in meetups like these that you truly get to experience the friendliness that's part of the people around the Mercurial project.

Some of my more noteworthy contributions around the Mercurial eco-system during the sprint were:

  • Release RepoMan, the repository forest manager that we have developed at Edlund A/S for managing a complex multi-repository setup where some modules are individually co-dependent but we want to be able to modify all of them coherently at the same time. We're hoping that other people out there will find it useful and/or interesting.
  • Proof-of-concept, hg-deadkeys, written with Martin Geisler from Aragost Trifork, which is an extension for marking changesets ‘dead’ (which includes a slightly hacky misuse of the phases concept) so they aren't propagated across the client/server boundary - requires that the extension is enabled on both client and server. Eventually this should be able to garbage collect changesets (e.g. strip them) that the user considers permanently dead.
  • Bit more polished proof-of-concept, hg-multiundo, written with Jason F. Harris, for supporting automatical snapshot-based backups of your repository and working copy state whenever you modify files. The extension allows you to undo/redo in multiple levels the last things you have done in the repository. No more ‘Oh no, I did hg up -C and now all my changes are gone!’ - they're just an ‘hg undo’ away. Disk space performance improvements will probably be introduced later on.

Apart from that we had a lot of good discussions on the project and things around it. I'm looking forward to the next sprint.