Starting as an experiment on creating whipped cream from an oat-based cream, the apple blackberry tart is a nice dessert, but since it is fairly dry it really needs whipped cream. The tart dough and fruits applied does look rather appetising.

Apple blackberry tart base

The blackberries are fresh from our garden, so I think they deserve a closeup.

Apple blackberry tart base closeup

This is a closed tart receiving a lid of more shortcrust dough.

Apple blackberry tart with lid

It is supposedly possible to whip the oat-based cream by adding some gelatine, but even after we threw it in the freezer for a while to strengthen the gelatine's properties (they were not working without this step at all) the result was lumpy and disappointing, nowhere near the impressive tops and lightness of regular whipped cream. So we had to settle with a slightly thickened cream on the tart.

Apple blackberry tart with cream

Darkness fell between the assembly of the tart and it finishing its bake, hence the bad lighting in the last photo.