Normally spring rolls is something with extreme amounts of fat and the hassle of deep frying them, so it was quite a refreshing change when I stumbled across fresh Vietnamese spring rolls on Haalo's blog Cook (almost) anything at least once. Since these spring rolls require rice paper I had to find a small specialty store in central Copenhagen where I was able to buy it, fairly cheap taking into account how many spring rolls we have been able to make with it.

Rice paper

Each sheet is very thin but rather rigid and to be able to roll it, you dip it for a few seconds in tepid to warm water and then place it on a damp towel, add the ingredients and roll it up nicely.

Rice paper sheet

Keeping with Haalo's recipe, we added steamed chicken, spring onions, lettuce, coriander and vermicelli noodles, although I think the original fresh Vietnamese spring rolls are made with minced pork, but nevermind this. The spring rolls were slightly rubbery, which the lettuce offset nicely, and they were excellent as a fresh, different appetiser. We will definitely be using this again.

Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls