So it has been a bit since I have posted any lovely baked goods that I have produced (mainly because I have been busy with other things and mostly just have baked the same breads I have already shown). One of the things you get to miss a lot when you are allergic to milk (and have had some time where this wasn’t the case) is wienerbrød or in English, danishes. This is mainly due to the fact that the sweet dough is very hard to make without butter, but not being shy for a baking challenge, I took on the dough this morning and… it was incredibly difficult to do with the much softer milk-free margarine. So much so that I wound up using a lot more flour than the recipe calls for just to make it possible to roll it flat.

One of the local wienerbrød (there are of course many, many kinds when you are in a sugar-loving nation like Denmark) is the romsnegl, or directly translated, the rum snail. It is made from the sweetened dough that you roll out flat on a flour-covered table, then you smear a mix of sugar, margarine and some other ingredients on there (it varies a bit from recipe to recipe), you then roll up the dough and cut it into thin slices that sort of look like snail houses (hence the name). Once these things are baked, you add a mix of icing sugar and rum on top of them and it tastes just awesome. However, we did not have any rum (why is all the rum gone?), so I had to improvise a bit and use water instead. It does not quite give the same flavour, but it was still pretty good.

Rum snails