Sugar is good, marzipan is made of sugar, so marzipan is good, marzipan ring cake is made with marzipan and powdered sugar, so that must be very good!

Well, my tastes in sugar are very refined as you might be able to tell, so with Ida out partying, what better endeavour for the evening than to bake marzipan ring cake... just not, well, in a ring. This is the fourth time I bake these within the past two weeks, and I have been meaning to take photographs of them each time, but due to their very fine quality they mysteriously evaporate almost immediately after being baked. They have now been pristinely captured in their full glory in the picture below.

Marzipan ring cake, without the ring

Traditionally there's a thin stripe of icing on top of the marzipan cake in the zig-zag pattern you can sort of see above. This is normally made by taking powdered sugar, mixing it with egg or hot water and then putting this mass in a plastic bag where you've cut off a tiny hole in the bottom that you can squeeze the icing out of. However, my icing-foo was too weak so I wound up applying the icing manually, slowly pouring it from a spoon, hence the uneven look of the icing—yes, it's on purpose that I put the best made one in the front.

As a side-note, we had a confectioner create a marzipan cake in the shape of a basket with fruit inside it for our wedding, which was awesome! Also, many people traditionally eat marzipan ring cake (yes, in stacked rings) for weddings and on new year's eve here in Denmark. Also, some variants come with nougat inside the marzipan cake, this does not detract from its delicacy.

Quite a lovely mass of sugary cake. Yummy.