For the most part, LaTeX is used almost exclusively in the academe, by some few publishers and by some companies that are largely populated by disaffected college students.

So, despite its fairly limited widespread use, it is by far one of the best tools for typesetting articles and books, in particular for mathematical equations. However, I won't spend a lot of time presenting the basics in this blog, but rather spend time on stepping away from the mediocre standard layout it presents a user with. In short, we will look at ways that we can customise the many aspects of LaTeX to suit our smallest whims. We do this by looking at how we can ensure separation of content and layout, much like the basic premise of the division between HTML and CSS.

So, for the first post here are some pointers to some introductory LaTeX documents. The future will step up the bar quite a bit, so you can start with preparing by deepening your understanding of LaTeX.



With that, enjoy your reading, or check back once in a while for new and exciting updates. If you have a suggestion for a topic you'd like to see covered, let me know in the comments.