The English Umbrella Cover Page

I have recently been investigating various forms of online, synchronous collaborative text editing, and have in my pursuits found the less aggravating program for Windows, moonedit, that allows one party to host one or more files, and others to connect to this person and edit these files.

As part of testing this editor, Jonas Öien and I have written a small short-story set in the typical crime novel style. It is, as the picture suggests, called The English Umbrella (PDF). For the interested parties there's a small exerpt below.

The sky was dark grey, brooding, rain falling heavily and without mercy. It had all day. I looked at my gold watch. It was fifteen twenty, almost time to go home. I shuffled the papers on my large mahogany desk aimlessly. Work had been scarce lately and my coffers were almost empty. Another few days from now I would have to default on my rent. Where was the glamour and excitement the other private eyes seemed to go on about? God, I hate mondays.

I decided to leave a bit early. It wouldn’t matter, no one was showing up today anyway. I was a failure at the trade, just like my father had predicted when I proudly announced that I would become the greatest private eye that had ever lived. How ignorant one can be.

I took my coat from the hall tree in the corner of the office. It was looking worn and a few sizes too small, or perhaps I was a few sizes too big. I tried to button it, but like usual I gave up after a few fumbles. I reached out to take my felt hat when there was a careful knock at the outer door. I stood still, not really sure whether I had heard the knock at all. It came again.

Read the PDF for the full story and the captivating ending (or something). We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.