My personal projects have started to progress a bit again, at least I have managed to finish off a couple of the semi-finished projects I had on my harddisk. One of these is a script to fix the broken behaviour of Microsoft Internet Explorer when rendering the <q> element, see the HTML 4.01 standard. I have already deployed this site using it (you should be able to notice it on the Ruminations pages if you're running Internet Explorer 6).

The script will be officially released together with an article submitted to CodeProject as soon as I have time to proof-read it one last time.

Apart from that I have also continued development on the site, in particular stuff that goes on behind the scenes: the Content Management System. This system is responsible for adding/editing news items, generating the site from templated PHP-files into static HTML files (to speed up your viewing pleasure), and to generate thumbnails and whatnot for the digital photo and gallery sections. Perhaps if I feel the inclination I will make a bit stronger system and release it as a regular CMS framework.