New bread knife

I have recently acquired a new bread knife from Yaxell, a Ran knife, made from 69 layers of Damascus steel. It is a thing of beauty and it carves bread like a wooden knife cuts through soft butter, mmmm.

Yaxell Ran 23 cm bread knife

I normally score my breads using the bread knife and our old bread knife just wasn’t sufficiently sharp to create interesting patterns, but here and now this changes. Now with even more fancy patterns:


It carves beautifully and the crumb isn’t mashed together like our old knife had a tendency to do. Most of my previous crumb photos took several slices before I got to a slice where the crumb was sufficiently nice to look at.


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Yaxell in any way. I just love my new knives.

5 thoughts on “New bread knife

  1. Hi Stuart
    I just impulse bought a Yaxcell bread knife (33 layers) here in OZ. At $99.00 AUD I think (hope) I got a bargain. I did try it out in the knife shop and it felt amazing. So glad to see your comments.

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